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Pressure Screen ( Medium )

  • The ideal screen for waste paper stock preparation (white and brown grade). The special rotor design allows the screen to operate at 3-4.5% consistency. The stock suspension is screened through a screen drum having perforation or slot
  • We offer gland or mechanical seal (option) arrangement.
  • Compete SS-304 construction.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Exceptional improvement in screening efficiency.
  • Improve quality of paper.
  • Dependable paper machine operation.
  • Excellent manufacturing fitness.
  • Easy change over of belt and pulleys in minimum time.
  • Heavy & sturdy construction.
  • Baskets Perforated or Slotted Step Rotor

  • Suitable for operation with large flat shaped contaminants.
  • Special design features avoid string formation.
  • Rotor edges hard faced.
  • Hole or slot screen basket.
  • Dynamically balanced rotor.

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